Early Thanksgiving

It was a good day. 

I got my life from the recovery process, so I have it to thank for everything from the basic fact that I'm still breathing on up the hierarchy of needs, but one of my favorite things that I have now that I did not previously (at least in my conscious memory) is the capacity for basic contentment, sometimes for sustained periods of time. I always noticed beauty and had a love for it in the most transient and peculiar details. I always had a heart. But I didn't get simple acceptance in my initial go-round. It was in the original operating system, I'm certain, but as I put it together over the years, I did that thing like I do with Ikea furniture. I think it's acceptable to move that FLERKUN screw over there, or to leave the JERKSUN bolt out entirely, then I wonder why my damned dresser falls apart after a month. (That actually happened, false product names notwithstanding.) It's really not. Your FLERKUN and your JERKSUN need all of their screws, like it or not. I'm lucky I figured that out at crunch time.