Hoover the puggle meets Arctic sled dogs

I acquired a two-year-old puggle named Hoover from a rescue organization last October and since then I have gone full-on crazy dog lady. This is to say that when my dog does things like watch other dogs on television, my first thought is to document it, and then to worry that Facebook isn't permanent enough. I mean, I've had him for nine months and I don't think I've posted anything about him on my blog before.

Never mind that I rarely post on my blog at all, and that this dog is well-documented on all social media I update regularly. He watches tv, I have to put it on the real deal blog.

In between some household chores this weekend I'm watching the amazing Human Planet, a BBC series about how humans live in various environments around the world -- the ocean, the Arctic, and deserts so far.

Hoover likes it too. The Arctic episode is on now, and the sled dogs came to visit him.


"Look, Hoover. That man is hacking through three feet of ice to catch a shark to feed his dogs. All I have to do is go to Pet Smart. We are so lucky. Also if I needed to do that for either of us to eat it would be like The Road around here. It's negative thirty degrees there, Hoover. We are never going to visit those dogs in the Arctic."


Please excuse the laundry over there in the corner. I kept getting distracted from household chores by things like my dog watching a show featuring dogs with translated subtitles of an interview with a man from the Arctic about how much he loved his dogs. The meta overwhelmed me and also my dog was watching television.

I can't imagine not seeing my dog every day, either. Thank God this man found a big enough shark under the ice to feed everyone for part of the winter, so they can continue to see each other. The pressure of this was unbearable.


See? Too much. Those dogs need food!


Ugh, I do too.

(Spoiler alert: they totally did.)


Cute, right? I also think he's as comforted by John Hurt's narration voice as I am, which means we'll probably just leave this show on in the house for the rest of time. We can learn about jungles and oceans and icecaps, and pretend we're hanging out with a calm British guy at the same time.

Anyway, that's Hoover watching television.