We were leaving the resort today where we spent a friend's birthday weekend when we stopped to look at a large, beautiful bird we spotted on a fence.  

Macaw 1.jpg

His name is Jekyll. His sign says that he is a macaw, and also that if you touch him he will possibly bite you. I believe deeply in the foreshadowing of those kinds of signs, so I didn't come anywhere close to touching him. Nor did I place my face anywhere near his. However, I did ask him a few questions, as any decent person might. Like is he really annoyed by all of these people (like me) crowding his space and saying "Ma-CAW" at him, as annoyed as I might have been when I worked in an office and someone stopped by and inquired "Working hard or HARDLY WORKING?" 

Macaw 2.jpg

I'm guessing it's as much of a yes for him as it was for me. 

macaw 3.jpg

My favorite thing about Jekyll was the status on his plaque, which read "Of no concern". Initially I thought it meant that he didn't really care one way or another about much...that he's kicked back squawking on this gate nibbling on feed and tolerating stupid humans and their phones, while the world spins madly on. In the hours since I've realized that there is another, more official, kind of status update for those whose brains haven't been destroyed by Facebook, and that what this really means is that there is no extinction concern for Jekyll's particular brand of Macaw. I think that both of these things are true. I think they are both (very different kinds of) good news.