NaBloPoMo 2017 or Hey, It's My Annual November 1st Post

I am contractually obligated to post on my blog -- the old one and now apparently this one -- every year on November 1 in a hopeful stab at the notion that I will complete NaBloPoMo. 

I don't remember when NaBloPoMo started or how many times I completed this bite-sized version of NaNoWriMo. I'm going to be generous and say twice. And probably at least one of those times I did a little creative scheduling on the back end to make sure I "posted every day" but let's not revisit that because there was so much emotional energy tied up in NaBloPo'ing at the time that I can almost rationalize it. Also probably it wasn't midnight on the West Coast the night (s) I did it, which means it's not the next day over here either technically because what are we on the internet if not one time zoneless community? Anyway I'm not going to lie about it anymore. I hope. 

NaBlo is really just an excuse for me to make a terrible version of this joke every day for 30 days, which is just the kind of cheap thrill I need to get by. 

office space na gonna.jpeg

It's a jump to CONCLUSIONS mat. 

What I have learned in the 20 minutes I've been hard at work back at this blogging thing—and I need to tell you that I am already exhausted—is that I still don't understand SquareSpace at all. I don't know why, either. I'm a visual person. I like blocks. I just...I don't know. 

I did put together this post over at Mom2 on how to write every day in November without losing your mind, because I do know that there are methods to this time + pressure = creativity and maybe even a thing or two you like in the process. I just haven't really figured them out in a decade of Novembers. I should also be taking a stab at NaNoWriMo and totally no BloMo, but I can't even think about that, because I had a good day and why dwell on this other thing that I'm not going to do in a month like write a whole book. Not this month anyway. 

Also today? I was in New York for a thing I had a lot of fun doing with some people I really enjoy working with that I'll write about later! And after we were done I got a full one hour reflexology treatment on my feet and calves on the lower East Side and I think it tripped some endorphin cord because after one hour of this guy Jae with power hands from heaven kneading the bottoms of my feet and my calves into oblivion? I was standing on a New York street corner with  my friend Natasha lol'ing like I haven't lol'd since a certain day in November LAST YEAR.

Maybe this year's NaBlo is a nice way to avenge that lost month. Or maybe not. 

Before the laughing happened, I think Jae must have thought I was a robot because of all of the phone and laptop cords connected to every single possible device and charger I had popping out of my laptop bag that I had with me in the somewhat cramped reflexology chair. I could have explained to him that I had just come from an event where I had to do a bunch of recording and social media'ing and just, you know, living the weird little electronic boogie woogie life that I lead and that's why I was clutching all of these dying phones and chargers to me but any time people talked in that shop someone in the reflexology bliss zone went SHHHHHHH very un-blissfully so I was afraid to. Also because I was a little embarrassed by the way he was looking at me, like, you poor thing, should we just plug you into the outlet? Skip the phone/charger middle man? Just jam your neurons right in there, really give it a go. It's 2017 and you've been on the internet for double digit years now so it might be time? After you take your feet out of this nice tub of water anyway so we all don't go up in flames with you anyway. The thing is that he didn't speak English really at all and I did not speak his language at all at all, so we had to rely on non-verbals to process all of this discourse that I KNOW was going down, and his non-verbals in my direction were overwhelmingly of the head-shaking/wry smiling variety.  

I totally deserved them, by the way. I'm not here to argue this point. It's a strange little life but somebody has to document the things, I guess. Mostly I recommend you find a foot reflexology place with a person like Jae because he put muscles in my feet right that I didn't know I had, and it was clean and cheap. I think the whole entire world could use one right about now, honestly.