Sweet Potato Freedom


This is turning into a photo a day thing around here, and I'm perfectly fine with that. 

I made myself a small Thanksgiving dinner today, not only because I think it's fun to do things that shock people who believe that single people survive on cereal and spite, but also because I like to have leftovers in my house. I don't know if people stood around at the first Thanksgiving and were like, "Oh my God, all of this charring and baking smells SO BIZARRELY GOOD, let's do it every year!" and that's why we still do this or what but it's possible. (Yes, I took several credits of American history. Yes, I still like to bend reality with my mind.) 

The turkey was okay and the gravy I made was awful. I'm sort of hit or miss with the meat part. A side dish, however, I can handle. The sweet potato casserole was so good. I really hit it out of the park with this one, me. And although it's usually just an annual vehicle for melted marshmallows that pass as dinner—I'm a roasted root vegetable fan, not so into the mashed variety—the sweet potato part was actually really good too. 

And I know this is really true because when I was putting it away, I ate so much out of the pan standing up at the stove that I almost didn't have any to put in the refrigerator. It tasted so much less like cereal and spite than sweet, sweet potato freedom.