19 Random Things


I'm really not good at NaBloAnything this year. Elan says when in doubt, write a list.

"Fight Club" is the last book I read. I inhaled it last night. It was so dark that I didn't want to love it as much as I did. 

"Brooklyn" is the last film I saw. It was good, I'll have more to say about that very soon.

I'm in one of those stretches where I feel so behind on everything that time is standing still as much as it's flying.

I am teaching grammar lessons with memes tomorrow and putting together the PowerPoint for this gave me joy. This is the level of geek that I am.

Building course schedules and lesson plans and assignments really is a big job. If you can read this, maybe do thank a teacher.

Teaching well is the most challenging and rewarding job I've ever had.

I get stressed sometimes and lately mindless and/or engrossing television and podcasts seem to counteract it. I'm currently binge watching "The Wire", obsessed with "The Voice" and listening to anything related to "Serial" that I can. "Truth and Justice With Bob Ruff" aka "Serial Dynasty" is the business. 

I daydreamed about moving back to Ohio today. It feels more like home to me sometimes than here and that makes very little sense.

I dread this winter. If I could push it back from coming with my bare hands, I would.

I just went back to yoga. I'm praying for some momentum after two years of none. 

The compare/contrast essay I'm most looking forward to grading is a planned rundown of rappers Young Thug and Future. I like when they write about things they really dig. The voice is naturally better and has midd flow, which makes it easier for the structure to come along well. 


There are many people in college who are not terribly fluent writers in any language, but they can be helped to fear it less. There is a lot of fear there, as much as I have always had around math and science. I hope they leave my room hating writing less, anyway. 

Even if someone hates the idea and/or act of writing, I can usually get them to work with the idea of storytelling. I see lights coming on sometimes then. 

Maybe I should be writing about writing more, or teaching.

I could write lists for 21 more days. NaBloListMo.


I had lunch with my friend Suebob today, and she was talking about how creative people need time to noodle around, until eventually we work our way around to the work. It was comforting and made me feel less like a willfully procrastinating slacker. Even if I am one, I felt like less of one. 

Sometimes I think it's managing passwords and trying to log in to the stuff I need to pay and do online every day that will finally break my brain.  

i was supposed to be asleep an hour ago. There just aren't enough of them, the hours.  

I'll try again tomorrow.