Hoover Comin

My Boston Terriers ignored the television. If they knew it was there, I never saw them acknowledge it. Hoover sees everything, especially if there are animals on the screen. He dove at the horses in Deadwood, because of course he can take on anyone or anything, even an animal many, many times his size. I don't know if all puggles are nervy, but this one is super mouthy and will fight you. Tonight he was engrossed in The Wire. I can't blame him. Omar and a dog got my attention, too. 

Some times in a life involve traveling and shiny things, a little more excitement than usual. When you're "in the wind, so to speak," like Omar says he is. Other stretches are about binge watching 14-year-old TV shows with a bossy dog and more ice cream than is wise. I'm almost equally good with both.